Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Justin Bieber: My Thoughts

Justin Bieber

What do you think about when you hear his name?
Good Singer? Girl? Hasn't Hit Puberty Yet?

I will admit he gets a lot of UNDESERVED Hate.
I don't get why there is constant hate on him. He isn't as bad as people make out he is
His songs actually have meaning to it
I do actually like the song "Baby". It has MEANING Behind it
For Example:

You know you love me,I know you care
Just shout whenever, And I'll be there
You want my love, You want my heart
And we will never ever ever be apart

I certainly for one can relate to those words.

His songs do have meaning behind it and they are catchy to listen to. I don't really like him as a person but I like his songs. I am not ashamed to admit that

I just don't understand how someone can "HATE" him when they have never actually met him in person. Hate is such a strong word to say to someone. People judge by his music and such. But as they say. "You should NEVER Judge a book by it's cover"
Im sure that people would kill to be in his shoes. I mean with the fame, the girls, the money and all the publicity he gets

But then again, this is just my opinion on him and what people think. Agree or disagree or don't like it. Well I DON'T Care


Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Life So Far...

I was brought into this world on January 4th 1993
My life has had it's ups and downs
Parent's separating and then getting back together
Losing touch with some of my family members over choosing to go live with my mum
Moving schools and losing touch with all the friends in which I use to have.
But how I got through the stuff in which I have faced is through my determination of NEVER GIVING UP'
I learnt that even when life is tough and can bring you down, you should never give up and just try to fight through the troubles in which you are facing
My Motto: NEVER GIVE UP..Even when life is giving you a hard time..Just never give up