Friday, July 16, 2010

My Special People ♥

My Special People'
have moved schools, house, towns and along the way I have met so many new people

My regret: I seem to always lose contact with people. Why? Is it because it's me? Is it because they don't wanna be friends with me or is it my fault? Maybe I need to try harder but when I do they don't put the effort into it.

Grade 1 -4..Met two friends who I said I would always be good friends with and what happens. Have not spoken to them since :/

Grade 5-6. Same thing and same outcome

I am happy with the people who I am with today. My friends mean a lot to me and all and I would ever hate to lose contact with them

But the future does scare me. We all will meet new people along the way but I hope we never lose the contact we have. I will to meet new people but I do want to keep the special people with me.

I have even met a couple people online, like Twitter and Myspace and I hope I don't lose contact with them. Yes, I may have met them there but I still think of them as friends.

Family and Friends are EVERYTHING to me, and Well that will never change. I LOVE THEM ALL ♥

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