Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Some things have just hit me

In less then 5 months I will have finished school for good and then my actual life starts
Quite scary. What I am really dreading is leaving all the people I know at school behind. I mean. This year I have gotten to know basically everyone in my year level and I'm going to miss talking to them

What really is scary me, is that If I do not get the score I need I will be stuck with a career choice and I do not want to spend the rest of my life working at a job like KFC. NO THANKYOU!

I think this year has been a blast and I really don't want it to end yet. I am having to much fun and have been meeting a lot of GREAT people who I do not want to lose contact with.

Next Year I will be 18 and that is I guess where the REAL fun will hit me but I'm kind of scared as well seeing I have more responsibility. I really do miss the old days where all I had to worry about is what colour crayon I would use and that.

Lately I have been feeling down and I do NOT know why. Is it because I feel like I have been lied to many many times or that I really don't feel like I am loved anymore? WHO KNOWS!!

I just want a life where I can say I am ALWAYS Happy and that. But wishing won't really do anything. Just like in Airplanes

"Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky like shooting star, I could really use a wish right now, a wish right now"

I really wish that I could just open up and tell someone that I want them. But like always I never have the guts to do it. If only I could. But I don't think they want me, so why even bother I say.

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